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Nissan 08IT-X9 Connect Premium navigation system 2020 Map Update V8
To receive the activation code, you will need to send us the Unit ID number from your nav system, and the vehicles 17 Digit Chassis ( vin ) number.
To find the Unit ID number on your navigation system:
1. Push <INFO>.  
2. On the Information screen, Highlight [Map Update] and push <ENTER>.
3. Write down / take a photo the Unit ID that appears on the resulting screen (you do not need to record the hyphen) - see photo 2
4. Exit the Map Update screen by pressing the [BACK] button.

This newly updated map of Europe for your Nissan 08IT-X9 Connect Premium navigation system covers millions of square kilometres and many points of interest.
In this new Nissan map update the following has been added or amended: 1 520 169 kilometres of roads...274 549 one way streets...448 883 turn restrictions...3 222 320 street names...
In addition to precise routes, these clear, rich maps feature many Poi's: golf courses, theatres, hotels, car lots and much more making this latest edition of Nissan digital map the perfect guide to travelling through Europe. This update also includes refreshed data for the following features: 3D Models of Prominent Landmarks offers improved orientation using three-dimensional models with photo realistic facades of major tourist attractions, transportation centres, tower blocks, historic buildings and more Advanced 3D City Models provides textured three-dimensional models of buildings, roads, parks and rivers for an area of a city
Basic Height provides important information about road elevations that can be used in generating eco-friendly routes
Enhanced Geometry improves positioning and turn guidance for navigation and enables important features for driver assistance applications
Enhanced Height and Slope uses vertical road trajectory data to enhance driver assistance applications such as adaptive cruise control, curve warning systems, lane change assistance and more
1) User Guide
2) 4 Europe DVD V8
3) 1 Software CD
Maps and Speed Camera Alerts covering 19 countries in Europe:
Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom

Compatible Vehicles;
Nissan 08IT-X9 Connect Premium
370Z 2010 ONWARDS
GT-R 2009 - 2014
MURANO 2009 - 2014
NAVARA 2009 - 2014
PATHFINDER 2010 - 2014
X-TRAIL 2010 - 2011
370Z 2009 Nissan Connect Premium
MURANO 2009 Nissan Connect Premium
NAVARA 2010 - 2015 Nissan Connect Premium
PATHFINDER 2009 - 2011 X9 Nissan Connect Premium
X-TRAIL 2009 - 2014 Nissan Connect Premium 3 (X9)